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Create and manage agreements and CDAs

Create agreements to track active partnerships.


Plan availability: Essential/Advanced
User role required: Manager/Contributor (see details)

Keep track of the agreements signed with your partners and get an overview of the collaboration status and terms directly from the opportunity and company pages.

As the management of the agreements is integrated into your opportunities evaluation process, it's easy to get a quick overview of the relevant CDAs (Confidential Disclosure Agreements) directly from your opportunities (or companies profiles) and, more generally, of the types of active agreements related to your projects.

Agreements overview.png

Access agreements

You can access the agreements master list from the Agreements entry in the navigation bar.

Agreements menu entry.png

Agreements are also saved under the Agreements tab of the opportunity and company pages. 

Agreements tab.png

What's inside an agreement

Agreements overview inside.png

You will mainly find:

  • The type of agreement: CDA, Licensing, Clinical collaboration, Commercial collaboration, Development collaboration, Investment, MTA, Research collaboration, etc.
  • The status of the agreement: 
    • Active: The contract is in the execution period.
    • Terminated: The contract has been stopped before the end of the validity period either due to a contract breach or as requested by a party.
    • Expired: The expiry date was reached but the contract was not renewed or amended.
    • Draft: The contract is not signed yet but is being written or reviewed before signature.
    • Canceled: the contract was in draft and was canceled before being signed.
  • The owner of the agreement.
  • A link to the company page of the partner company.
  • In the Overview tab:
    • Scope section indicating the related Activities: Commercialization, Development, Distribution, Manufacturing, etc; and the related opportunities.
    • Details section indicating the Tier of the partnership and the related Internal entities in charge of the partnership.
    • Description section, where you can describe in full-length the agreement and add important notes with the rich-text editor.
  • An Attachments tab where all related documents are saved.
  • Validity section indicating the Effective date and Expiration date of the agreement. If you're the owner of the agreement, you'll receive email notifications before the expiration date is reached: 60 days before, 7 days before, and on the day of the expiration. You can manage those notifications from your Account page in Deal.
  • A Main document section where you can access the attached or linked main document.
  • You can access the Activity stream panel at the top right of the page.

Create an agreement

There are three ways of creating an agreement:

From the navigation bar

You can create an agreement wherever you are in the application from the Create button at the bottom of the navigation bar. Click Create and select Agreement in the drop-down list.

Agreements create 0.png

From the agreement master list

You can create an agreement from the master list of agreements, by clicking the Create button at the top right of the page.

Agreements create.png

From opportunities or companies

You can create an agreement directly from the Agreements tab of an opportunity or a company. Click Add, or Create agreement if this is the first agreement you're adding in this opportunity or company.

Agreements creation.png

Creation process

After clicking any of the above mentionned Create buttons, a pop-up will appear:

  1. Enter the name of the agreement.
  2. Select the type of agreement. By default, the following list is available: CDA, Licensing, Clinical collaboration, Commercial collaboration, Development collaboration, Investment, MTA, Research collaboration and Other. Note that once you've set the type of agreement, you won't be able to change it afterwards. If you have Business Admin rights, you can customize this list from the Administration page of Inpart Deal.
  3. The name of the partner company is automatically pre-selected, but you can add more.
  4. The name of the related opportunity is automatically pre-selected, but you can add more.
  5. The status of the agreement is set by default to Active, but you can select another status.
  6. The effective date of the agreement is set by default to the day you're adding this agreement to Inpart Deal, but you can select another date in the past or in the future.
  7. You can attach the agreement document or provide a link to access it.

Once you've entered all the information, click Confirm. The newly created agreement will appear in the list under the Agreements tab.

Agreements creation 2.png

Create CDAs

Go to an opportunity page and click Add in the CDA section.

Agreements create CDA 1.png

The same creation pop-up as in Create an Agreement will appear. Follow the same process.

Create amendments

See Create and manage amendments.

Configure agreements fields

You need to have a Manager role with Business Admin rights to perform this action.

Go to the Administration page, in the Other fields tab, and open the Agreement section.

Agreements administration page 1.png

From there, click Add to add new values to the following fields: Agreement type, Tier, Internal entities, and Activities.

For more information about managing custom values, see the Manage List Values and Tags article.

Agreements administration page 2.png

Note that in the Agreement type field, you can choose to display any type of agreement as a CDA. Agreement types flagged as CDA are easier to manage. They offer direct access and creation from opportunity pages and extra filtering options.

Agreements administration page CDA.png

To remove the values located under Local Data label, click the ellipsis button and click Remove. To remove a value, you need to make sure that it's not being used in any existing agreement first. The number of times the value is used in existing agreements is shown in the deletion pop-up window.

Agreements administration page value delete.png

Edit an agreement

You can edit the following fields: 

  • Agreement name and partner company: click the ellipsis icon at the top right of the agreement page, and select Edit.
  • The agreement owner: click the name of the current owner to open a drop-down list of other users and select one of them.
  • The Activities and Opportunities fields. Click Edit in the Scope section.
  • The Tier and Internal entities fields. Click Edit in the Details section.
  • The description. Don't forget to click Confirm once you've modified the text.
  • The Effective date and Expiration date fields. Click Edit in the Validity section.

Attach documents

You can attach several documents and add links to external storage spaces.

Go to the Attachments tab and click Add or drag and drop the documents.

Agreements attachments 1.png

Once you've added documents, you can select one of them as the main agreement document. Click Promote to main document. 

To replace the existing main document with another one, select the document in the attachments and click Promote to main document, the old main document will be replaced but will still be available in the attachments. You can also select a brand new document by clicking the ellipsis button in the Main document section and selecting Replace.

You can also rename or delete the documents.

Agreements attachments 2.png

Make an agreement public or private

With Agreement Access Control, you can define who can view, access, and edit agreements among Manager users. This ensures that the right information is shared with the appropriate stakeholders while maintaining data security and confidentiality.

An agreement, and all the information contained in it, can be:

  • Public: Visible to all users having access to the agreement.
  • Private: Only visible to the agreement's owner and the users who were allowed access.

You can make an agreement private only after you create it, as it's always set as public at first.

  1. Click the Manage access button at the top right of the agreement page.Agreements access control 0.png
  2. A pop-up will open. Click Make private.
    Agreements access control 2.png
  3. A message will appear asking for your confirmation. Click Confirm.
    Agreements access control 3.png
  4. Once the agreement is private the following message appears, and a red lock icon appears next to the agreement name.
    Agreements access control 1.png
  5. To add allowed users, enter their names in the search bar. A list of users will appear. Select the user and click Add.
  6. To remove a user from the allowed users, click the red cross next to their names.
  7. Click Make public to reverse the action and have the agreement public and available to all users again.

Link agreements together

Agreements can be linked together in the following cases:

  • Related: When two agreements are strongly related and need to be considered together to fully understand the obligations between the partners. This is the case for MSA (Master Service Agreement), for example.
  • For reference: When an agreement could be useful as a reference for another agreement.

New agreements created with a company currently under an MSA will be automatically linked to the existing active MSA. However, you can decide not to link the existing MSA at the bottom of the creation form.

Filter and create custom views for agreements

You can use the quick filters available at the top of the page to reach the information you're interested in with a single click. You can filter agreements by:

  • Their expiration date or their owner.
  • Specific criteria that you saved in your custom views

For advanced filtering, click the More filters button to open a filtering panel on the right of the page. From here you can filter agreements based on all the fields that they contain. Click Apply filters at the bottom of the panel to apply your filtering preferences.

Agreement master list filters.png

Delete agreements

Click the ellipsis button at the top right of the agreement overview and select Delete. A pop-up will appear asking for your confirmation.

Agreements delete.png

Detailed user rights regarding agreements

All the rights below are conditional to the fact that the related initiative is public or private. If an initiative is private, the rights apply only to the users who have access to the initiative.

If you're a Manager, you can perform the following actions on all agreements whether you own the related opportunities or not.

Rights Manager Contributor
View agreements
Contributors can see the list of agreements but their titles and information are restricted
Create agreements X
Edit agreements X
Customize agreement fields 
If you have a Business Admin role
Link agreements together X
View agreement's amendments X
Delete agreement X


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