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Configure additional opportunity fields

Add more information to the opportunity pages with a library of additional fields that fit your needs.


Plan availability: Advanced
User role required: Manager with Business Admin rights

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We offer a large number of fields which cover the following topics:

  • Opportunity management: opportunity assessment, financials, internal organization, and project management.
  • Asset information (for opportunities with a pharma asset only): scientific classification and pharma assessment. 

All the configurable fields related to opportunity management are displayed in the Details tab, and the ones related to asset information are displayed in the Asset tab of the opportunity pages.

Depending on the type of information, the configurable fields can be a: short text, long text, list of values, number, date, and boolean.

Please contact your CSM at Inpart to get the complete list of the fields available, with their name and description.

You can filter opportunities based on these additional fields, in the master list of opportunities and the dashboard page.

Enable, disable, or request more additional fields

Please contact your CSM at Inpart to:

  • Enable the fields you'd like to add.
  • Disable fields you'd like to remove.
  • Request new fields that aren't part of the existing list of fields available.

If you ask to disable a field that has been used for some time, the field will be hidden on the opportunity page but the information will remain saved in Inpart Deal. Thus, if you choose to enable again this field later on, all the information previously entered will be available again.

Manage additional fields

Open the Administration page and go to the Opportunity fields or Asset fields tabs. The sections offering additional fields are marked by a Customizable label. Open the section of your choice and click the field you want to configure.

Administration opportunity fields.png

Edit the field name and description

On the Administration page, you can change the default name of the field in Display name and the description that will appear as a tooltip next to the field in the opportunity pages, in the Description window.

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Opportunity additional fields 3.png

Add, edit, and delete field values

For fields offering a drop-down of list values, you can add your own values by clicking Add. You can also define if you want the users to select multiple values or a single value.

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