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Create and manage amendments


Plan availability: Essential/Advanced
User role required: Manager

Track different amendments signed throughout the life of a contract. Easily add amendments, track when all amendments are signed, review the content of the contract amended, upload the amendments as files, and visualize different amendments on a timeline. 

Amendments overview.png

Create amendments

Open the agreement, go to the Amendments tab, and click Add, or Create amendment if the amendment section is empty.

Amendments create.png

A creation pop-up will open. Click Confirm once you've entered all the required information.

  • Name: The name of the amendment is automatically filled with the number of the amendment (Amendment 1, Amendment 2,...) and the agreement type (CDA, Clinical collaboration,...). In the screenshot below for instance, this is the second amendment created for the agreement, and the agreement type is CDA, so the amendment name is Amendment 2 - CDA. You can change this name to a custom one of your choice.
  • Amended sections: Choose the amended sections in the drop-down list. Manager users with Business Admin rights can customize this list on the Deal Administration page.
  • Status: An amendment has two possible statuses, Active or Terminated.
  • Document: Documents attached to the amendment stay separated from the other agreement attachments. You can replace or delete any attachments.

Amendments create 2.png

Edit amendments

Open the amendment. Click the ellipsis icon at the top-right of the amendment panel and select Edit to update the amendment's Name and Effective date. The Amended sections, Description, and Main document can be edited directly from their section in the panel.

Amendments edit.png

Delete amendments

Open the amendment. Click the ellipsis icon at the top-right of the amendment panel and select Delete. A pop-up will appear to confirm your choice.

Amendments edit.png

Configure the Amended sections field values

You need to have a Manager role with Business Admin rights to perform this action.

Click your user profile at the bottom of the navigation bar and select Administration to open the Administration page.

Administration navbar.png

Go to the Other fields tab, and open the Agreement section.

Amendments administration.png

The list of values of the field will appear on the right side of the page. From there, you can add, edit or remove values. See Manager list values for more details.

Amendments administration 2.png

Important notes on amendments

  • When terminating or canceling an agreement, a pop-up appears to ask if you would like to terminate all the related amendments simultaneously. If you have terminated all the amendments in this process, you will still have the ability to reverse the amendments to their Active status afterward.
    Agreement status change.png
  • All the actions related to amendments appear on the agreement activity stream.
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