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Request audit logs

Audit logs help you track access to data, system activities, and user changes on Inpart Deal to guarantee your data's safety and integrity.


Plan availability: Advanced
User role required: None (the audit log is generated outside the platform).

Audit log files include all your company users' daily activities, and are saved for 2 years by Inpart. All inscriptions on the audit logs are unalterable. 

Request audit logs

Audit logs are exclusively available upon client request. Please send a request to your CSM. 

Information included in the audit logs

Audit logs are provided using a CSV or JSON format.

Here are the events tracked in the Deal audit logs:

  • User activities: user creation, deletion, password management.

  • User login and logout time and IP address.
  • Downloaded email or files.

  • Data updates: time of creation, edition, deletion, and ID of the user who performed the action.

IMPORTANT: No confidential business data is tracked. You'll be able to see what action was performed on a field, but not the value of the same field. 

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