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Review Connect Campaigns results in Deal

Easily retrieve and triage opportunities resulting from Connect Campaigns.

Plan availability: Essential/Advanced
Required user role: Manager/Contributor

Access your results

On the day of results delivery, the Inpart team will share access to the Inpart Deal platform with your team. You will have to create your password and then access Inpart Deal. Please keep an eye out for two distinct emails. Check your spam/junk folder if needed.

Create your password

The first email will be from, with the subject ‘Welcome to Inpart’.
Click Reset your password in this email to activate your account. This will direct you to a page where you can define your private password.

This link expires 24 hours after the email is delivered, so please activate your account promptly, or inform your Account Manager at Inpart if the link expires.
Connect Campaigns email 1.png

Log in to Deal

The second email will be from, with the subject ‘Welcome to Inpart’.
Click Get started in the email to access your results in Inpart Deal.  
Connect Campaigns email 2.png

After clicking Get started in your welcome email, you will land on the Deal home page. We recommend bookmarking this page for easy access when you wish to return to your review.

To begin your review, click the relevant campaign card in the Ongoing campaigns section on the home page. If you have more than one ongoing campaign, click View all to access the full list of campaigns.

Connect Campaigns card on homepage.png

Review the campaign

Once you select your ongoing campaign, you're directed to the campaign page, which lists the opportunities submitted to the specific campaign and some other important pieces of information.

  1. Time to review: Please aim to finish your review within this period and inform your account manager if there will be a delay.
  2. Opportunities: Number of submissions made to the campaign.
  3. Attachments: Your campaign document that was shared with our Connect network is available here.
  4. This campaign results page has a search bar allowing you to find a specific opportunity by Title or Company. You can also click More filters to narrow your search further. Examples of filters include Tags, Owners, Priority, Confidence, Indications, and Applications.

Connect Campaigns overview details.png

You can add or remove columns from the opportunity list to display relevant information. Click the cog button to open the Table settings panel. You can select the column to be displayed or hidden in the opportunity list. Examples of columns you may find useful may be the Priority and Tags columns. From here, you can also adjust the number of results visible per page to your preference.

Connect Campaigns more filters.png

Review the individual opportunities submitted

Open opportunities

To open an opportunity, you can either:

  • Double-click it on the list to open it in full screen for an in-depth review
  • Click it on the list to open it in a panel on the right-hand side of your screen, for quick review. From this panel, you still have the possibility to click Open to open the full screen.
    Connect Campaigns opportunity panel.png

Check the opportunity details

On the opportunity page, you can access all the information for this submission:

  1. Summary: This tab contains the 200-300 word overview submitted with the proposal.
  2. Attachments: This tab contains any additional sources added by the submitter.
  3. Asset: This tab contains the biotech asset information (if applicable).

Connect Campaigns opportunity details.png

Collaborate with colleagues

On the opportunity page, you can collaborate with colleagues within the Deal platform:

  1. Owned by: Assign the opportunity to the correct team member for review.
  2. Qualification: Assign priorities and add relevant tags to easily filter the opportunities in the main opportunity list. All fields of this section can be added as columns in the opportunity list of the campaign page.
  3. Comment on the opportunity and tag your colleagues or your Campaigns Account Manager at Inpart. People tagged in comments automatically receive an email notification.

Connect Campaigns opportunity details 2.png

Decline opportunity

Once you have reviewed an opportunity and decided it is not a match, you can mark it as declined. Click Declined in the Status chip. You will be prompted to input a reason for the decline, which is primarily for your own records. Feedback notes can also be shared with submitters, but your Account Manager will confirm before proceeding.

Connect Campaigns status.png

Request connection

Once you have reviewed an opportunity and decided you would like to be introduced to the submitting team, you can request a connection.

Click Request connection. This button will notify your Campaigns Account Manager at Inpart who will then liaise with you to confirm introductions before proceeding. Once your Campaigns Account Manager has actioned the introduction, the submitter’s contact information will be displayed on the opportunity page.

Connect Campaigns request connection full page.png

Four statuses are available to track the Connection status.

  • Not requested: When opportunities are first delivered in Inpart Deal, the Connection status is set as Not requested. Click Request connection if you choose to reach out to the potential partner.
    Connect Campaigns request connection - not requested.png
  • Pending: All the connection requests will be sent at once by your account manager at Inpart when the campaign reaches its due date in Inpart Deal. In the meantime, the Connection status will be set as Pending, and you can click Cancel connection if you're not interested anymore in being connected to this potential partner.
    Connect Campaigns request connection - pending.png
  • Connected: Once Inpart put you in touch with the potential partner from email, your account manager will set the Connection status of the opportunity as Connected, the contact will be created and linked to the opportunity created in Inpart Deal, and the contact name and email will appear under the connection status.
    Connect Campaigns request connection - connected.png
  • Declined: If you set the opportunity status as Declined, the Connection status will automatically be set as Declined as well, and the Request connection button will be grayed out. Additionally, the contact will automatically be created in Inpart Deal and linked to this opportunity.
    Connect Campaigns request connection - declined.png

Important: Once the campaign is closed, Inpart's role comes to an end, and you can't request any connections any more. However, you can still access the campaign and triage the opportunities.

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