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Manage initiative access control

With initiative access control, Manager users can define who can view, access, and edit initiatives and related opportunities. This ensures that the right information is shared with the appropriate stakeholders while maintaining data security and confidentiality.


Plan availability: Essential/Advanced
Required user role: Manager

Initiative access control 1.png

An initiative, and all the opportunities contained in it, can be:

  • Public: Visible to all users.
  • Private: Only visible to the initiative's owner(s) and the users or groups who were allowed access.

You can make an initiative private only after you create it, as it's always set as public at first. The initiatives that you create during an import are also set as public by default.

Set single-owner initiatives as private

If you're the only owner of the initiative, to restrict access to the initiative:

  • Click the Manage access button at the top right of the initiative page.
    Initiative manage access.png
  • A pop-up will open. Click Make private.
  • A message will appear asking for your confirmation.
  • Once the initiative is private the following message appears, and a red lock icon appears next to the initiative name:
  • Click Make Public to reverse the action and have the initiative public and available to all users again.

Set multi-owner initiatives as private

Add authorized users to an existing private initiative

To allow access to users to a restricted initiative, first, click the Manage access button at the top right of the initiative page. Then, enter the name of the user you want to add to the initiative, a list will be prompted. Select the user and click Add.


Then, you can choose to give limited rights to the newly added user. Select Can access, the users will only be able to access the initiative and the opportunities associated with it, but they won't be able to manage the initiative.


Switch an existing public initiative with multi-owners to private

When updating an existing public initiative to private status, make sure that the owners of the opportunities associated with the initiative won't lose access to them. 

For each one of the opportunity owners, you can:

  • Give access to the initiative, by adding the opportunity owner to the initiative owners.
  • Reassign the opportunities in bulk to one of the existing initiative owner.
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