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Ticket priority levels explained

The priority level of a ticket is set by our support team based on the criticality of the issue that you're reporting and determines what your response time will be.

To evaluate the severity of the issue reported, we take into account the following factors:

  • Business impact
  • Work outage
  • Type of request
  • Number and type of users affected

We classify the requests into the following four levels of priority.

Priority 1 - Urgent

  • There's a critical business impact: all users are impacted.
  • There's a complete loss of service: the application is down or inaccessible.

Priority 2 - High

  • The application is up and running, but there's a critical loss of functionality or performance which results in a high number of users unable to perform their normal activities.
  • Possible workarounds are inconvenient or there is no workaround possible.

Priority 3 - Normal

  • There's a partial non-critical functionality loss and the issue has no significant effect on the usability of the application, or configuration change.
  • There are possible workarounds.

Priority 4 - Low

  • There's a minor loss of application functionality.
  • The ticket is about product feature requests, enhancement requests, and how-to questions.
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