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Introduction to the Admin Center

The Admin Center offers a streamlined and universal way to manage users across all the Inpart applications, in one place. Aligned with security best practices, it’s built on next-generation technology and has an intuitive design.

Access the Admin Center

Beforehand, please check with your CSM at Inpart that you have Client Admin rights to access the Admin Center.

The Admin Center is hosted on a separate platform from Deal and Classic. To access it, enter the following URL with your company name instead of xxx:


Your company name is the same as in the URL of your Deal or Classic platforms.

How It Works?

From the Admin Center, admins now have a holistic view of all users from the Inpart applications, with the possibility to create or disable users, add and edit users' details, reset passwords and manage admin privileges.

However, for Inova Classic, you continue to manage group memberships (e.g., Read Write user access to the in-licensing module) in the existing administration module of Inova Classic. There's a direct link for quick access between the new Admin Center and the existing administration module.

A Global Approach to Management

    • Manage users for all the Inpart applications, including Inova Classic, Inpart Deal, and the Admin Center itself.
    • Easily report on user licenses including designated business profiles (e.g., BD Oncology).

A Security by Design Approach

    • Admins can create, modify or disable users without having to access the Inpart applications.
    • Track admin actions through detailed audit logs.
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