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Add Favorite Filters to Your Homepage

Favorite filters allow you to visualize the information that matters most to you directly on the homepage when you access Inova Next Generation.


Favorite filters display data that is based on custom filters that you can create from the Opportunities or Dashboard pages.


Create Favorite Filters

The same process applies whether you're on the Opportunities or Dashboard page. Make sure to be on the main list of opportunities before creating your custom filter, or else you won't be able to save it.

Click More filters to open the filter panel, create your custom filter, and click Apply.


Then, click the ellipsis icon next to the All Opportunities label, and click Save as new filter. 


Name your new filter.


The newly created filter will appear next to the All Opportunities and My Opportunities labels. Click the ellipsis icon next to your filter label, and click Add to favorite filters. A yellow star will appear next to your filter to show that this filter is now part of your favorite filters displayed on the homepage.


You can now go back to the homepage. The newly added custom dashboard will appear at the bottom of the list of My favorite filters, as the most recently added filter.


Edit or Remove Existing Favorite Filters

Go to the Opportunities or Dashboard pages and first, click the label of the filter. Then, click the ellipsis icon next to the filter label to display the editing options.


Edit the Filter Title

Click Edit filter title, enter the new name and click Confirm.

Remove From the Favorite Filters

Click Remove from favorite filters. The filter will disappear from the homepage.

Modify the Filter Parameters

Click More filters to open the filter panel. Modify the parameters of the filters and click Apply. Then, click again the ellipsis icon next to the filter label and select Save filter.

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