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Create and manage custom views

Views allow you to visualize in one click the information related to opportunities, companies, and meetings that matter most to you. 


Plan availability: Essential/Advanced
Required user role: Manager/Contributor

Views display opportunities, companies, or meetings that match custom filters you created. Several options are available to manage and share these views with other Deal users from your company.

View 1.png

Create views

The same process applies whether you're on the opportunities, companies, or meetings master list, or the Dashboard page.

Click All views and select Create custom view in the drop-down menu.

View create new 1.png

New custom view label will appear on the view list. This is a newly created view with default settings. It contains all opportunities, companies, or meetings sorted out in alphabetical order.

View create new 2.png

Click More filters to open the filter panel, create the filter options you want to apply to the new view, and click Apply filters.

View filters.png

IMPORTANT: You need to save this view once you've applied the filters, otherwise this new view will be reset to the default settings when you exit it. 

To save the view, click the ellipsis icon next to New custom view and select Save as a new view. This will allow you to give a proper name to the view.

View create new 3.png

The newly created view will appear after the bookmarked views if you have any, or in the first position of the view navigation bar if not. 

Bookmark views

Click the ellipsis icon next to the view label, and click Add to favorites. This view will be displayed in the first position of the view navigation bar associated with a yellow star, and the view will be added to your homepage if this is an opportunity custom view.

View add favorite.png

On your homepage, the newly added favorite view appears at the top of the list of My favorite views, for the opportunity custom views.

View homepage.png

Click Remove from favorites to delete the bookmark. The view will disappear from the homepage if this is an opportunity custom view.

View remove favorite.png

Edit or delete views

Click the label of the view you want to delete. Then, click the ellipsis icon next to the view label to display the editing options.

Rename the view

Click Rename view, enter the new name, and click Confirm.

View rename.png

Modify the filtering parameters

Click More filters to open the filter panel. Modify the parameters of the filters and click Apply filters. Then, click again the ellipsis icon next to the filter label and select Save changes.

View save changes.png

Discard changes

Click Discard changes to reinitialize the originally saved parameters of the view.

Views discard changes.png

Delete views

Click Delete view. A pop-up window will appear to confirm your choice. Click Delete.

View delete.png

Share views

You can share the views you created with the other users of the platform from your company for enhanced team collaboration and reporting capabilities.

Share views with other Manager users

Shared views appear on the personal Deal space of the other Manager users of your company. You can't share views with Contributor users.

To share a view, click Share view to everyone, the other users will see this view appear on their space after refreshing their page. Shared views are identified in the view navigation bar by the two-people grey icon.

View share view.png

Important note:

  • Once a view has been shared, you can reverse it, you can only delete the view for everyone.
  • The other Managers can edit and delete views that have been shared with them.
  • The name of the user who shared the view is displayed in a tooltip when you hover over the view label.

Copy view links for read-only

You can also just copy the link to the view and send it to other users (Managers and Contributors), if you want to temporarily share the view and prevent other users from editing or removing this view.

For instance, this can be useful to share with a few people attending an upcoming triage meeting to review the list of opportunities ahead of the meeting.

Click Copy link (read only), and send this link to the other users who will be able to open it in their own Deal space. This link saves the filtering options in the URL, so the shared view will remain the same whenever people come back to it. Even if you don't save the view, people will be able to still see the view previously created, when clicking the link.

View copy link.png

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