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Create and Manage Initiatives

Create an initiative to state the scope of your search and organize your opportunities according to your needs.


Only users with a Manager role can create and edit initiatives.


Check the detailed user rights regarding initiatives here.

Access Initiatives

There are two ways to access the list of initiatives:

Access the List of All Initiatives

Click the Initiatives menu entry on the left-side panel to display the full list of existing initiatives.


The Initiatives main page lists all the initiatives that your company is currently working on. You can easily filter them by clicking the following quick filters:

  • All: All initiatives created by you and your team in the application (ordered alphabetically).
  • Recently viewed: Initiatives recently opened (ordered by the date they were last opened, the most recent ones first).
  • My Initiatives: Initiatives owned by you (ordered alphabetically).


Click the cards to access the initiative's descriptions, associated opportunities, and attachments

Access Directly a Specific Initiative

Click the initiative's name you're interested in on the Recent Initiatives section on the left-side panel to directly access it.


The initiative cards display:

  • The name of the initiative.
  • An associated icon with the first letter of the initiative's name in a selected color.
  • The tag(s) related to the initiative.
  • The total number of opportunities contained in the initiative, as well as the number of active opportunities.
  • Whether or not the initiative is private. A red lock icon is displayed in this case.

Create Initiatives

Via the Navigation Bar

You can create an initiative wherever you are in the application by clicking the blue Create button at the bottom of the navigation bar. Click the Create button and select Initiative in the drop-down list.


Via the Initiatives Main Page

Click the Create button at the top right of the page.


After clicking one or the other Create button, the following pop-up will appear:


In step 1/2, enter the name of the initiative in Title and assign a color that you've first defined with your team, to help identify the initiative and the associated opportunities. Click Next.

In step 2/2, select the opportunity type to be associated with the initiative, and the template you want to apply to the summaries of the opportunities that will be contained in the initiative.


Click Confirm. You will land on the new initiative overview.

Opportunity Type
Pharma asset A pharma asset can be any compound, drug, platform, research project, expertise, IP, or knowledge that can lead to, or support, the discovery and development of a new drug.
Technology A technology can be screening or diagnostics methods or tools, AI or analytics platforms, digital health applications or sensors, medical devices…
Consumer health asset

A consumer health asset can be non-prescription drugs (e.g., pain relievers, cold and allergy remedies, acne therapies), disinfectants (e.g., contact lens solution), cosmetics (e.g., make-up, shampoos, deodorants), and natural health products (e.g., vitamin and mineral supplements, traditional and homeopathic medicines, probiotics, toothpastes).

Organization An organization can be any company, research institute, cluster, institution, etc. Such a lead can be used to manage discussions with potential out-licensers, acquisitions, CRO evaluation, and investments.
Note: The type of opportunity selected at the initiative level will determine which classification fields are displayed for all opportunities related to this specific initiative: development phase, clinical indications, and mechanism of action...
Once an opportunity type has been selected, it can no longer be edited. Should you wish to update the opportunity type, the initiative (including the associated opportunities) must be deleted and created again.

Add an Initiative Definition

Once the initiative has been created, enter the initiative definition in the Description drop-down section. You can either write the definition using the template or enter your own definition. A rich text editor enables you to highlight the most important items by using text formatting, lists, or tables.


Manage Owners

Add Owners

Click the Access button at the top right of the page.

The Manage initiative access pop-up will open. Enter the name of the user you want to add to the initiative, a list will be prompted. Select the user and click Add.


Here, you can designate the users as:

  • Owner: The user can manage the initiative, access the opportunities associated with the initiative, and manage user access to the initiative.
  • Default assignee + Owner: The user, in addition to owner rights, is automatically assigned as the owner of the opportunities submitted by contributors in this initiative.

Remove Owners

Click the Access button at the top right of the page. The Manage initiative access pop-up will open. Then click the X button next to the user name you want to remove.

To delete the user who is the default assignee, you need to designate another owner as the default assignee first.


Add a New Opportunity to an Initiative

When you're within an initiative, you can either click the Create button in the navigation bar and select Opportunity, or directly click the Create button on top of the opportunity list of the initiative. The initiative you're currently in will automatically appear on top of the list of suggested initiatives in the first step of the opportunity creation. Read Create and Manage Opportunities for more information.

Rename Initiatives

You need to be one of the owners of the initiative to perform this action.

  1. Click the ellipsis icon at the top right of the initiative page, and select Edit.

  1. Make preferred changes and click Confirm to validate changes.


Delete Initiatives

Conditions to delete an initiative:

  • You need to be the owner of the initiative.
  • You need first to delete or move all the opportunities associated with this initiative to other initiatives.

Click the ellipsis button at the top-right of the initiative page, and select Delete this initiative.


Detailed User Rights Regarding Initiatives

All the rights below are conditional to the fact that the initiative is public or private. If an initiative is private, the rights apply only to the users who have access to the initiative.

Rights Manager Contributor
View initiatives
Create initiatives No
Update initiatives
if you're part of the initiative owners
Add and manage attachments
if you're part of the initiative owners
Add and manage owners
if you're part of the initiative owners
Be part of the owners No
Make initiatives public or private
if you're part of the initiative owners
View private initiatives
if you're part of the initiative owners or the allowed users of the initiative ("can access")

if you're part of the allowed users of the initiative ("can access")
Delete initiatives
if there are no attached opportunities
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