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Use the search bar

The search function is a useful shortcut to get quick access to opportunity overviews and company profiles in Inpart Deal. 


Plan availability: Essential/Advanced
User role required: Manager/Contributor


Quick search

The quick search bar is located at the top of the navigation bar on the left side of your screen.

It only searches through the names of opportunities and companies to provide the list of results. To search other fields available in the opportunity overviews and company profiles, use the advanced search.

Quick search.png

When you click the search bar without entering any text, the most recently viewed opportunities and companies are displayed by default. 

You must enter at least 3 characters to trigger search results. The search engine will suggest up to 10 options, returning the most relevant opportunities or companies regardless of the order of the characters entered.

You can use the quick search to check if an opportunity already exists before deciding to create a new one. In this case, search for the opportunity, and if it doesn't exist (i.e., isn't displayed in the list of results), click the quick Create opportunity action button at the bottom of the search results.


Advanced search

If you didn't find the result you're looking for from the quick search, you can launch an advanced search on all opportunities' fields by clicking Advanced search at the bottom of the results displayed in the quick search.


You will land on the master list of opportunities. Enter keywords in the search bar, and the list of related opportunities will be displayed below.

Quick search 1.png

Search bar specifications

Fields targeted

The quick search function returns results found in the following fields:

  • Opportunity titles.
  • Company names.

The advanced search function returns results found in the following fields:

  • Opportunities: title, all fields of the Overview and Asset tabs, summary, and titles of attachments. The search doesn't search the content of attachments, the Qualification section, the Tasks, Meetings, and Contacts tabs, or the comments.
  • Companies: name, type, URL, country, description.

Fuzzy search

By default, the search is fuzzy which means that it will search for all terms that are close to the keyword you entered, for instance, if one character is different, or characters are switched.

Exact search

To search for an exact word only, you can use quotation marks (e.g., "Oncology"). Only the results with this exact word will come up.

Forbidden characters

The search doesn't support the use of slashes. For instance, if you search for "ABC Labs/FTT22", the search won't return any results.

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