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Attach files

Upload relevant files to Deal to support your pipeline decisions.

Plan availability: Essential/Advanced
Required user role: Manager/Contributor

Attach files

You can attach files in several places in the application:

  • In the initiative and meeting overviews.
  • In the opportunity, agreement, and company Attachments tab.

Drag and drop your file or click Add to open a file from your computer.

Attachment upload.png

An automatic antivirus check is performed whenever you upload a file to Deal to ensure the platform's security. If the file is infected, the upload won't be processed and an error message will be displayed to warn you about it: Upload failed. A virus was detected in the file.

Attachment anti virus.png

Files specifications

Supported file formats

To ensure the security and performance of Inpart Deal, a set of rules and limitations applies to the files that can be stored on the application.

Inpart Deal supports the following file types:

Extension Description

.doc, .docx


Microsoft Word document.

Portable Document Format (Adobe Acrobat).


.ppt, .pptx

Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.


.xls, .xlsx

Microsoft Excel workbook.




Electronic message saved in a plain text file.

Microsoft Outlook Mail Message file.


.jpg, .jpeg


JPEG image.

PNG image.


All internet links

Only available in opportunity attachments.

Files with an extension other than those listed above, with multiple file extensions, or no file extension at all are not supported.

Macro-enabled files (such as .docm, .pptm, .xlsm, etc.) are not supported.

File size limitations

Maximum size limit for an individual file

25 Mb (25.000 Kb)

Minimum size limit for an individual file

1 Kb

For best performance, it's recommended to keep the file size under 10Mb (10,000 Kb) whenever possible.

The file size of the document can be checked on the properties of the file on your computer before uploading it.

Please note that time-out issues may be experienced with files above the maximum allowed size, depending on the internet connection.

File name rules

The maximum length for a filename is defined at 255 characters.

File names can include most characters, including letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation marks, and symbols, except for the following:

< left angle bracket or less-than sign > right angle bracket or more-than sign
\ back slash / forward slash
: colon ; semicolon
, comma ? question mark
" double quote * asterisk
& ampersand | vertical bar or pipe

Files details

  • Source name: The Source name column describes from which source the file was uploaded: conference meeting import, campaign import, email upload, etc. A file manually uploaded by a user displays no source name.
  • Email attachment: The column with the pin icon helps recognize if an email that was uploaded has attachments.
  • Important: The column with the flag icon makes important files stand out.

Attachment details.png

Create and manage opportunity attachment folders

In opportunities attachments, you can organize your files with folders and search them to find the document you're looking for quickly.

Attachment folder.png

Create folders

Click New folder and name the folder.

Attachment folder create.png

Edit folders names

You can rename folders. Click the ellipsis icon in the folder row and select Edit.

Attachment folder edit.png

Move folders

You can move folders to other folders of the same opportunity. You can drag and drop folders or click the ellipsis icon in the folder row and select Move. 

Attachment folder move 1.png

Select the new location of the folder. You can add a new folder at this point if you need a sub-folder structure.

Attachment folder move 2.png

Delete folders

When deleting a folder, all the files contained in it will be deleted as well. Click the ellipsis icon in the folder row and select Delete. A popup will appear to ask for confirmation.

Attachment folder delete.png

Add attachments description

To save time when browsing the attachments, add a short description to know what they're about.

Click the ellipsis button. 

Filter attachments

To filter attachments, go to the Attachments tab and click the list button to access the flat view of all attachments.

Attachment flat view button.png

You can use quick filters available at the top of the list of attachments to reach the document you're interested in with a single click. You can filter attachments by:

  • Their format: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, image.
  • If they're Marked as important.

Attachment quicker filters.png

For advanced filtering, click the More filters button to open a filtering panel on the right side of the page. Click Apply filters at the bottom of the panel to apply your filtering preferences.

Attachment filters.png

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