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Create and manage users for Inova Classic

The Admin Center centralizes user management for Inova Classic.


From the Admin Center, you can:

  • Create users, modify users' details, and manage their access to Inova Classic and their admin privileges.
  • Disable users.
  • Reset user passwords.
You need to have a Client Admin role to be able to perform these actions.

Create users

In the Admin Center, go to the Users tab and click the Create user button on the right of your screen. 

To reach the Admin Center from Inova Classic, go to Administration and User Management, then click Manage Users to open the Admin Center in a new tab.

If you get this "Access denied" message, please contact your Customer Success Manager who will give you access to the Admin Center.

Step 1 - Enter user details


  1. The Email / Username field serves as a user ID, so it won't change once the user is created. You'll be able to change the email address in the user profile if needed later on, but the user ID will remain the same (i.e. the original email address).
    The email address must be valid or the application won't be able to send notifications to the user.
    The email address extension must match the one(s) configured in the Admin Center, usually your company extension. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you need to add more.
  2. Enter the first name of the user.
  3. Enter the last name of the user.
  4. Select a Business profile.
    These profiles must be first set up with your Customer Success Manager. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you need to add more.
  5. Click Continue.

Step 2 - Assign user roles

Depending on the different Inpart applications you have access to, different roles are available. 

  1. Inpart Deal user roles: Manager, Contributor, Business Admin. Users must either be Manager or Contributor, and can Managers can cumulate their role with the Business Admin role.
  2. Inova Classic access - Activate this switch button to give access to your Classic account to the user. The user and the related contact will be created in the application. The user will then be able to access the application but won't have any rights yet. You must go to Inova Classic to manage them (see Step 3 below).
  3. Administration roles: Client Admin. Activate this switch button to give access to the Admin Center to the user.
  4. Click Save.


Step 3 - Give rights on modules

After clicking Save, the user's details are displayed on a panel on the right of your screen. Click Manage modules to open the user profile within Inova Classic, in a new tab.


There, you can give the appropriate rights on modules to this user (more information below in this article).


Reset password

This option won't appear if Single Sign On (SSO) has been implemented for your account in Inova Classic.

In the list of users, select the users to display their details on the right. Then click Reset password. The users will receive an email directing them to update their password.


Disable users

When users leave your company or no longer need to use the application, the Inova Classic administrator must manually disable their accounts. You also have the possibility to transfer ownership of all their projects to another user using the Replace Users feature.

In the list of users, select the user you want to deactivate to display the user details on the right. Then switch off the Active button. 


A confirmation pop-up will open. Click Disable User to proceed.


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