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Manage your email notifications

Enable collaboration between you and your team, by receiving email notifications from Inpart Deal.


Plan availability: Essential/Advanced
Required user role: Manager/Contributor

You can choose how to stay informed of important activities regarding your work. For instance, you can be notified when one of your tasks is soon expected to reach its due date or when someone mentioned you in an opportunity.


Access the notifications management page

Click your user avatar at the bottom of the navigation bar, select Account and then, click the Notifications tab.


Update your preferences

All notifications are active by default. Switch on or off each button to customize your email notifications. You can activate or deactivate subsections at once.


Notification specifications

Some notifications are triggered after specific actions in the application (e.g. tagging another user), and others are sent automatically based on reminder dates, for instance:

  • When a reminder date arrives: 4 days before the date.
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