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Create and manage user groups

The User groups tab allows you to create groups of users with specific rights.


The User groups tab helps you manage user groups within Inpart Deal only. The groups within Inova Classic are still managed directly within this platform.

For instance, initiative owners in Inpart Deal can set an initiative as private and allow access to the desired user group(s), instead of adding all the authorized users one by one.

Create user groups

Click Create group. Then you only have to name the new group and select members among existing users. You can select users with Manager or Contributor roles without distinction.

You can quickly identify in which groups each user is on their personal profiles.

Edit or delete user groups

Select a user group to open its overview. From here, you can click Manage to update the list of members,  click the pencil icon to edit the name of the group, or click the trash bin icon to delete the group.

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