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Create and manage companies

The Companies page allows you to keep track of all the organizations you interacted with and record information about them.


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In Inpart Deal, a company can be any kind of organization: a biotech, a small or large pharma, a public laboratory, a technology transfer office (either regional or academic), a center of excellence, a university, a consulting firm, a CRO or CMO, etc. Basically anything!

Warning: You can't delete a company once created.

Check the detailed user rights regarding companies here.

Access the master list of companies

You can access the master list of companies by clicking Companies in the navigation bar. 

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Access a specific company profile

From the search bar

Enter the company name in the search bar available in the navigation bar.


From the opportunity master list

Direct links to the companies associated with the opportunities are available in the master list of opportunities, in a dedicated Company column. You can choose to hide or display this column by clicking the table icon on top of the list.


From an opportunity overview

A direct link to the company associated with the opportunity is available at the top of each opportunity overview. 


What's inside a company profile

Inside a company profile, you can find:

  • A fixed section on the right called Details, showing a set of information describing the company.
  • An Opportunities tab, showing the list of all opportunities associated with the company.
  • A Contacts tab, showing the list of all people working at the company.
  • A Meetings tab, showing the list of all meetings that happened with the company.
  • An Attachments tab, where you can upload any related file or email.
  • Database tab, showing the information provided by Inpart Data (only if the company is linked to Inpart Data).

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From a company profile, you can:

  • Add contacts, in the Contacts tab.
  • Create meetings, in the Meetings tab.
  • Edit the company details, by clicking Edit at the top right of the company profile.
  • View the activity stream of the company.

Add a company

You can add a new company when creating a new opportunity that will revolve around this company. At the second step of the opportunity creation, enter the name of the company.

Then, you have two possibilities:

  • Select an existing company profile prompted by Inpart Data: Click the corresponding company profile if it appears in the list prompted under Companies found. This way, the company profile will be automatically prefilled with all the information provided by Inpart Data.
  • Create your own company profile: If the company doesn't appear in the list prompted by Inpart Data, you can click the field with the name of the company, under No exact match found for "...". This will create a blank company profile where you'll need to fill out the fields yourself.


Companies linked to Inpart Data and Evaluate Pharma

If you've selected a company with an Inpart Data profile when adding a company, the company profile will display a database icon at the top right of the page with all the information provided by Inpart Data and/or Evaluate Pharma.

Company database.png

This information also appears in the database panel of the related opportunity.

You can choose to unlink the company from Inpart Data if you think that the match that has been made is incorrect. This will remove all information about the external profile and the dedicated section will disappear. However, you'll have the chance to select again the Inpart Data profile when creating a new opportunity if needed.

Detailed company user rights

Rights Manager Contributor
View companies
Create companies (via the creation of an opportunity)
Update companies details
Delete companies No No
Access the Opportunities, Contacts, and Meetings tabs
View the activity stream
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