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Create and manage evaluations

Accelerate your opportunity review process with standardized evaluation templates and enhanced collaboration functionalities.


Plan availability: Essential/Advanced
Required user role: Manager/Contributor (see details)


An evaluation is a shared document collaboratively filled out by users, usually cross-functional teams of experts. The document uses a custom template that lists all the criteria against which the evaluation participants should assess the opportunity.

It can either involve only a few participants and focus on scientific elements in the earlier stage of the evaluation, or gather many participants on various aspects of the deal during the due diligence.

Depending on your user profile (Manager or Contributor), you don't have the same rights over the evaluations.

Create evaluations

Required user role: Manager

Open the opportunity in which you want to create the evaluation. Go to the Tasks tab, click Create, and select Evaluation.


A popup will open asking you to name the evaluation, select a due date, and the evaluation template of your choice. Fill out the information and click Confirm.


Once created, the evaluation appears in the list of Tasks and Evaluations on your homepage, and in the Tasks tab of the related opportunity. You can then click it to open it, to invite participants, and manage it.


Add and manage participants

Click Manage participants at the top right of the evaluation. Evaluation_participants_1.png

A popup will open where you can add and remove participants. You have three access levels available for the participants:

  • Owner: For the Manager who created the evaluation only.
    To change the evaluation owner, you must reassign the opportunity ownership to another user (who will consequently become the new owner of the evaluation).
  • Can edit and comment: For other Managers invited to contribute to the evaluation.
  • Can comment: For Contributors invited to contribute to the evaluation.


Once participants are added, the initial letters of their user name will appear at the top right of the evaluation page, to quickly identify who's part of the evaluation process.


Edit the evaluation questions

To edit the content of the questions asked in the evaluation and attach relevant documents to be reviewed, click the ellipsis icon at the top right of the evaluation page and select Go to edit mode.

Evaluation edit mode.png

You will be redirected to a new page where you can edit all the questions asked to participants. You can also rename or delete the evaluation from here.

Evaluation question edit.png

You can also add new questions by clicking Add a new block, or delete existing ones. You can't delete a question that already received answers.

Make sure to click Save changes before leaving the edit mode.

If you wish to edit the structure of the evaluation (i.e. the sections), you need to ask Inpart to customize your template.

Change the evaluation status and due date

You can select the evaluation status at the top of the evaluation page. It can either be set as Ongoing or Closed. 


The due date is available at the top of the evaluation page. It can be updated at any time. Once the due date has been reached, the evaluation remains open (Ongoing), but the due date is displayed in red (on your homepage and in the related opportunity).


Once the evaluation is closed, it's displayed as strikethrough on your homepage and the related opportunity. If you're Manager, you can reopen it by changing its status back to Ongoing.


Rename or delete evaluations

Required user role: Manager and evaluation owner

Click the ellipsis icon at the top right of the evaluation, and select Rename or Delete. A popup will open asking for your confirmation.


Create evaluation templates

You can update the default template provided by Inpart or create your own.

Please contact your CSM at Inpart to perform this action.

Contribute to evaluations

Required user role: Manager or Contributor users invited to the evaluation

When you're invited to contribute to an evaluation, you receive an email notification. Click the link in the email to open the evaluation in Inpart Deal.

Evaluation email invitation.png

On the right side of the evaluation page, you can see all the comments submitted by the evaluation participants. To submit your own conclusions, select one of the questions on the left and enter your conclusions in the comment section.

Evaluation comments.png

You can use rich text editing options, add links, attach documents and images, and mention other users of the application to interact with them (using @). Mentioned users will be notified by email.

You can reply to a comment, but it's not possible to reply to another reply, only to initial comments. All the replies can be hidden in a collapsible section.

You can edit or delete only your own comments.


Click Mark as done to inform the evaluation's owner that you completed your part of the evaluation. You can resume your evaluation anytime by clicking Resume participation.

Evaluation mark as done.png

Follow-up on your evaluations

Where to find them

You can see all the evaluations you're currently participating in directly on your homepage, in the Evaluations section. The closed evaluations you previously participated in can be found in the Completed section.


You can also see the evaluations related to a specific opportunity within the Tasks tab of the opportunity, whether you're part of the evaluation or not.


Be reminded by notifications

Participating in an evaluation triggers a set of notifications to make sure participants give their feedback on time. Some of them are automatic, some others can be triggered manually by Managers.

Automatic notifications


Those notifications are activated by default. If you want to disable them, go to your Account page (at the bottom of the navigation bar) and click the Notifications tab. There you can select or unselect the relevant notifications.

Manual notifications

You can choose to send additional notifications when:

  • You want to remind participants to contribute (using the Manage participants window).
  • You're closing or reopening the evaluation. Here you can even customize the message to be sent.Evaluation_notifications_1.png

Detailed evaluation user rights

If you're a Manager, you can perform the following actions on all opportunities whether you own them or not (and whether you own the related initiative as well or not), unless otherwise specified.

Rights Manager Contributor
View evaluations
Create evaluations X
Rename evaluations
if you're the owner
Add and manage participants X
Update due date X
Edit or delete evaluation sections X
Comment on evaluations
if you're invited as a participant
("Can comment")
Change evaluation status X
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