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Manage Your Dashboard

The Dashboard page is fully dedicated to your opportunities analytics. It's here to help you:

  • Gain a high-level overview and prioritize your company's opportunities.

  • Report on your opportunity pipeline.


Access the Dashboard

Via the Homepage Favorite Filters

On the homepage, click the ellipsis icon next to the dashboard you want to visualize and select Show in Dashboard.


Via the Navigation Bar

In the navigation bar, click the Dashboard menu entry.


How to Read the Charts

Opportunities Pipeline

This bar chart displays the number of opportunities for each stage of the workflow.

The right side of this chart is only available to users who have access to configurable workflows (i.e. who aren't connected to Inova Classic).


The colors of each bar reflect the status of the opportunities for this specific stage.

  • Blue indicates Active opportunities.
  • Grey indicates On-Hold opportunities.
  • Green indicates Closed opportunities.
  • Red indicates Declined opportunities.
    You can hide declined opportunities to focus on the opportunities that require your attention.

Opportunities Discovery

This chart indicates the number of opportunities created each month for a given period of time.



This chart allows you to view the distribution of the opportunities depending on the initiative they're in, their source, or their asset type. 


Priority-Confidence Matrix

This chart indicates both the priority and confidence level of the opportunities in your pipeline. You can hover over each bubble to see the number of opportunities contained in it. The bigger the bubble, the higher the number of opportunities contained in it, and vice versa.

You can read:

  • Horizontally: The confidence level from the left (very high confidence) to the right (very low confidence)
  • Vertically: The priority level from the bottom (very high priority) to the top (very low priority).

The order of each of these axes can be changed on the Administration page if you prefer to reverse the scales. You must be a Manager with a Business Admin role to perform this action.


Apply Filters

Quick Filters

You can use the quick filters available at the top of the page to reach the information you're interested in with a single click.


Advanced Filters

You can apply more complex filters by clicking All filters and using the filter panel.


Chart Filters

You can drill down the results by clicking specific bars or bubbles directly in the charts, and then clicking View results to display the list of related opportunities.


View the Results

Click See results at the top right of the page to be taken to the list of opportunities that match the applied filters.

Export the Results

You can export the results for reporting purposes.

Click the ellipsis icon at the top right of the page and select Export opportunities to automatically download an Excel file containing the list of the selected opportunities.


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