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Create and Manage Campaigns - Discover Integration

Easily retrieve and triage opportunities resulting from IN-PART's Discover campaigns or internal campaigns.



Campaigns help you centralize and triage very early-stage opportunities, before assigning them to adequate initiatives and proceeding with the next steps of the project.

This Campaign feature comes with the Discover integration provided by our partner IN-PART. Discover is a bespoke scouting tool used to proactively engage an international community of researchers and commercialization teams in 2,400+ institutes to find curated solutions to your R&D challenges and requirements. See below for specifics that apply to the Discover integration.

Important notice: The Discover integration will be available at the end of March 2023.

Create a Default Initiative

All opportunities imported to a campaign are always assigned to a single default initiative. Once the opportunities are imported into this default initiative, you can then triage and reallocate them to adequate initiatives.

Depending on your platform configuration, the default initiative might already have been created by Inova. If not, follow the instructions below.

First, create the default initiative following the regular creation process. We recommend naming it "Default Initiative" to differentiate it from other initiatives. The choice of the asset type has no impact on this initiative, so we recommend simply choosing Pharma asset.

Then, go to the Administration page (accessible through your user profile at the bottom of the navigation bar), and to the Integrations tab, to select the initiative you created as the default initiative.

Only Business Admin users can perform this action.


Note that the default initiative can't be made private and can't be deleted. 

Access Campaigns

The opportunities imported are gathered by campaigns on the Campaigns page accessible via the Network menu entry. 


On the Network page, you can see campaigns ordered by status following this order: On-going, Closed, and Draft, with the most recent Opening review date first (to see campaigns that were created most recently).

Click View all to access the full list of campaigns. 


You can quickly display the campaigns that you recently opened (Recently viewed) or that you created (My campaigns), or filter them by their name using the search bar.


Each campaign card displays the status of the campaign (Draft, On-going, Closed), the date by which opportunities must be submitted, and the number of opportunities attached to it. 

Discover campaigns are recognizable by the IN-PART logo and display the number of connections that have been made with external partners through these campaigns.


The campaign with the most recent Opening review date and an On-going status appears on your homepage to give you quick access to this campaign or all campaigns.


Campaigns Information


Review Date and Campaign Details

At the top of the campaign overview, you can see the number of days left before the end of the campaign (Time to review) and the campaign owner (Owned by). For internal campaigns, the owner is by default the user who created the campaign. For Discover campaigns, no owner is assigned when the campaign is created, you can select it yourself. In both cases, click the user's name or None to select a user.


In the Details section, you can see the department in charge of the campaign review, the start and end date of the campaign, and the provider of the campaign opportunities. 


Campaign Status

Three statuses apply to campaigns:

  • Draft: When you are preparing your campaign’s content before sharing it with the other reviewers.
  • On-going: When your campaign is currently being reviewed.
  • Closed: Once all the opportunities have been triaged.


Discover campaigns' status is updated by your account manager at IN-PART. For other campaigns, you can update the status yourself. 


A campaign is composed of a list of opportunities that need to be triaged and allocated to adequate initiatives. You can apply quick or advanced filters to this list of opportunities, and export the list.


You can see the total number of opportunities attached to the campaign in this section.


The color of the bar reflects the number of opportunities with the following statuses: Active – blue / Closed – green / On-hold – grey / Declined – red.

Click the ellipsis icon to view the opportunities on the dashboard page, or click inside the card to view the opportunities on the Opportunities page.

Discover Campaigns

Enable the Discover Integration

The Discover integration is enabled by Inova in your Admin Center. Then, your account manager at IN-PART will deliver the campaign in Inova Next Generation at the date agreed on between you and IN-PART.

View Campaigns Results


Discover campaigns are delivered with their status set as On-going. 

Once you receive the campaign, you can see the list of opportunities generated by the campaign. All the opportunities are automatically created in Inova Next Generation with an Active status and their stage set as Identification.

You can also see the email address of your account manager at IN-PART.

Request Connections


All opportunities generated by Discover campaigns display a Discover campaign section on the opportunity overview, where you can see the Submission type and the Connection status.

Discover campaigns offer a connection system to the potential partners who submitted their results to the campaign. Six statuses are available to track the Connection status.

  • Not requested: When opportunities are first delivered in Inova Next Generation, the Connection status is set as Not requested. Click Request connection if you choose to reach out to the potential partner.
  • Pending: All the connection requests will be sent at once by your account manager at IN-PART when the campaign reaches its due date in Inova Next Generation. In the meantime, the Connection status will be set as Pending, and you can click Cancel connection if you're not interested anymore in being connected to this potential partner.
  • Connected: Once IN-PART put you in touch with the potential partner via email, your account manager will set the Connection status of the opportunity as Connected, the contact will be created and linked to the opportunity created in Inova Next Generation, and the contact name and email will appear under the connection status.
  • Declined: If you set the opportunity status as Declined, the Connection status will automatically be set as Declined as well, and the Request connection button will be grayed out. Additionally, the contact will automatically be created in Inova Next Generation and linked to this opportunity.
  • Expired: Once the campaign's status in Inova Next Generation is set as Closed by your account manager at IN-PART (based on the date agreed on between you and IN-PART), all opportunities connection statuses that were Not requested or Pending, will be changed to Expired, and the Request connection button won't be available anymore.

Important: Once the campaign is closed, IN-PART's role comes to an end, and you can't request any connections any more. However, you can still access the campaign and triage the opportunities.

Other Campaigns

Create Campaigns

Option #1: Direct Creation

Go to the Campaigns page and click Create at the top right of the page.


The following popup will appear. You can specify the source of the campaign opportunities (Provider) and which department of your company is in charge of the campaign.


Option #2: Indirect Creation

Whenever you add a new campaign name in the Source campaign field of an opportunity, this newly added campaign will automatically appear on the Campaign page.


Add Opportunities

Once you created the campaign, you and your team can start adding opportunities.


Edit and Delete Campaigns

Click the ellipsis icon at the top right of the page and select Edit or Delete. Discover campaigns can't be deleted, nor edited (except for the Department field).


For other campaigns, you can edit the following fields:


You can't delete a campaign that contains opportunities. To remove an opportunity from a campaign, you can open the opportunity and suppress the campaign name in the Source name field.

Detailed User Rights Regarding Conferences

Discover Campaigns

Rights Manager Contributor
View and access campaigns on the Network page
View and access opportunities in campaigns
Export opportunities from campaigns No
Edit campaign details
Department only
Update campaign status No No
Add attachments to campaigns No
Delete campaign No No

Other Campaigns

Rights Manager Contributor
View and access campaigns on the Network page
View and access opportunities in campaigns
Export opportunities from campaigns No
Edit campaign details No
Update campaign status No
Add attachments to campaigns No
Delete campaign
Only if the campaign doesn't contain opportunities
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