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Create and manage tasks

Tasks help you stay organized and efficiently prioritize your work.


Plan availability: Essential/Advanced
Required user role: Manager/Contributor (see details)

Tasks help you organizing follow-up actions. Assign tasks to colleagues or receive request for feedbacks on active projects.

Task 0.png

Create a task

Open the opportunity to which the task will be related and go to the Tasks tab. Click the Create button and select Task.

Task create.png

The newly created empty task will be displayed under a new section reflecting the name of the current stage of the workflow. This way, when you add more tasks on different stages of the workflow later on, each task will be displayed under the corresponding stage for clarity.

Enter the task description and click the confirm button. Then, you can optionally select the due date and the user assigned to the task (you can assign this task to yourself).

Task 1.png

Once created this task will appear on the homepage of the user assigned to the task for an efficient follow-up. If there are several tasks, they're ordered by the closest due date on top.

You can search the list of tasks by entering keywords contained in the task's description.

Task homepage.png

The task will also appear in the activity stream of the related opportunity.

Task activity stream.png

Add pre-defined tasks according to the opportunity workflow stage

By default, any opportunity with a Pharma asset, Technology, or Consumer health asset has the In-Licensing (defaultDealType) workflow enabled that comes with 4 stages and pre-defined tasks.

  • Confidential Evaluation, with three default tasks:

    • Review confidential package,

    • Organize confidential evaluation,

    • Draft non-binding offer.

  • Due Diligence, with four default tasks:

    • Assemble Due Diligence Team,

    • Share access to Virtual Data Room,

    • Organize Due Diligence,

    • Finalize Due Diligence Report.

  • Negotiation, with two default tasks:

    • Agree on negotiation requirements,

    • Draft Agreement.

  • Contracting, with only one default task:

    • Sign binding offer.

To configure your own pre-defined tasks, go to the Deal Administration page.

You need to have a Manager role with Business Admin rights to perform this action.

Click your user profile on the navigation bar and select Administration.

Task admin page 1.png

Go to the Workflows tab and select the workflow you want to have pre-defined tasks for. Click Add task. Enter the task description and optionally a due date (in number of days).

Task admin page 2.png

Collaborate on tasks with email notifications

Users assigned to a task will receive an automatic email notification inviting them to review this task.

Task email notification.png

You can be notified when you're assigned to a task or when one of your tasks is soon expected to reach its due date. Those notifications are activated by default. To disable these notifications, click your user profile on the notification bar, go to Account, and click the Notifications tab. Here you can unselect the relevant notifications.

Task email notification 2.png

Detailed evaluation user rights

If you're a Manager, you can perform the following actions on all opportunities whether you own them or not (and whether you own the related initiative as well or not), unless otherwise specified.

Rights Manager Contributor
Create, edit, delete tasks X
Mark tasks as complete
if you're the assignee
Add pre-defined tasks according to workflow stages
with Business Admin rights
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