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Merge duplicate companies and contacts

Merge company or contact records to remove duplicates and maintain better data quality.


Plan availability: Essential/Advanced
Required user role: Manager with Business Admin rights

The merging process is the same for companies or contacts and is permanent once done. You can't undo it, so be sure you correctly selected the two objects to be merged. The merging process only involves two objects at the same time.

Let's take Object A and Object B as an example for the explanation, an object being a company or a contact. Object A is always being merged into Object B. This means that Object B's information will overwrite Object A's when the merge happens, following these rules.

Identify duplicates

At the top right of all company and contact records, a Merge button indicates if some duplicates have been identified with a tooltip message displaying the names of the duplicates.


You can also choose to merge a contact or a company with another existing contact or company, even if they're not suggested as duplicates.

Merge companies or contacts

Open Object A and click the Merge button at the top right of the page.


A two-step popup will open. In step 1/2, select the name of Object B.


In step 2/2, confirm the merge. Be careful, merging two companies or contacts can't be undone. Some merged information about Object A will be lost after the merge.



Here are the rules applying to company and contact fields after the merge of Object A into Object B.

Field Information kept from Object A or B after the merge
Name Object B
Type Object B
URL Object B
Country Object B
Description Object B
Opportunities, Contacts, Meetings, Attachments Object A + B
First, last name & salutations Object B
Job title (Work as)

Object B (if same company)

Object A + B if different companies

Company (From) Object A + B if different companies
Country Object B
Email address and phone number Object A + B
Meetings & Opportunities Object A + B
Notes Object A + B

Following the merge, the companies and contacts' activity streams are updated with all new information added: opportunities, meetings, contacts, etc.

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