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Enrich your opportunities with external data sources - Inpart Data & Evaluate Pharma

Create opportunities in seconds with auto-filled company and asset profiles and continuously enrich your opportunities with always up-to-date information thanks to our connection with Inpart Data and Evaluate Pharma.


Plan availability:
Essential for Inpart Data and Evaluate Pharma Basic profiles
Advanced for Evaluate Pharma Advanced profiles

Required user role:
Manager/Contributor (see details)

Database panel.png

Inpart Data is our proprietary database of curated company and asset profiles of biotechs seeking investments or out-licensing opportunities.

Inpart also offers a free integration with Evaluate Pharma, providing key company and asset profile information.

  • Evaluate Basic profiles are included for free for all Inpart users with a Manager role.
  • Evaluate Extended profiles are available to Inpart users with a Manager role and who are Evaluate Pharma license holders. Please contact your Inpart CSM to grant you permission to access those profiles.
Please contact your Inpart CSM to know the complete list of fields available through our Evaluate Pharma integration.

Create opportunities using Inpart Data

Inpart Data suggests existing company and asset profiles when you create new opportunities. If you select one of them, Inpart Data auto-fills key fields such as the company description, financial data, asset classification, development phase, and more.

Company suggestions

Database opportunity creation.png

Asset suggestions

Database opportunity creation asset.png

The information from Evaluate Pharma profiles is made available in the Database panel once the opportunity has been created.

You can of course still choose to add a new company or asset manually if you don't find any matching record. Inpart Data and Evaluate Pharma are daily updated and continuously curated so you will probably be able to look for a new profile in the near future.

Match imported opportunities with Inpart Data and Evaluate Pharma

During bulk opportunity import, our algorithm automatically matches the companies and assets with Inpart Data profiles based on the ones found in your Excel spreadsheet. Then, if some Evaluate Pharma profiles match our Inpart Data profiles, they'll be displayed as well in the Database panel of the opportunities or companies.

The automatic matching is only made if the quality of the match is high enough. Our advanced algorithm is made to reduce false positives to the minimum and guarantee reliable matching.

Access profiles in opportunities and companies

Click the database icon at the top-right of the opportunity or company overviews to view Inpart Data and Evaluate Pharma profiles directly within your opportunity or company records.




Here's an example of the Database side panel open: 

Evaluate Blurred Profile.png

Bookmark profiles

The Database panel shows a list of the most relevant asset profiles in the opportunity records and company profiles in the company records.

If you selected a suggested profile during the opportunity creation process, then the linked profile is automatically bookmarked at the top of the list and highlighted by a blue star. You can choose to remove the bookmark for the initial linked profile and bookmark other profiles if you think they're more relevant.

Database panel profiles.png

Hide irrelevant profiles

To keep a clean and simple view of the profile you're interested in, you can hide the other suggested profiles.

To do so, click the eye icon, or click Hide all to hide all the profiles of the list at the same time. Inpart Data and Evaluate Pharma profiles are separated so you'll have to hide profiles separately for both.


Once hidden, you can still access the hidden profiles by clicking See hidden profiles

Database panel profiles 1.png

If you hid all the profiles, the following message is displayed. Click Review to access the hidden profiles and possibly make them visible again (unhide).


Detailed user rights

If you're a Manager, you can perform the following actions on all opportunities whether you own them or not (and whether you own the related initiative as well or not).

Rights Manager Contributor
Create opportunities with Inpart Data profiles
Access the Database panel in opportunities and companies X
Bookmark profiles X
Hide profiles X
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