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Solve Inpart for Outlook add-in possible issues

Find solutions to potential errors encountered with Inpart for Outlook add-in.

The add-in displays a blank screen after entering your company ID

If your add-in is showing a blank screen after entering your company ID, it means that you entered the wrong company ID, and you'll have to refresh your cache to be able to re-enter the correct ID.

Outlook add-in blank screen.png

To resolve this blank screen issue, you must manually clear the add-in or the Outlook cache. Note that clearing your internet browser cache doesn’t clear the cache for the Inpart Add-in for Outlook, you'll need to proceed following the instructions below.

Option #1 - Refresh the add-In

For that, you can either:

  • Click right with your mouse in the add-in pane (i.e. in the blank area) and select Refresh.
    Outlook add-in blank screen 2.png
  • Or just simply click somewhere in the blank screen of the add-in and press F5.

Option #2 - Clear the office add-in cache

If Option #1 doesn't solve the issue, you must delete the Office cache.

Windows Users

  • Close Outlook on the Web if it is open.
  • In the Outlook desktop application, click right with your mouse in the add-in pane (i.e. in the blank area) and then select Inspect. 
    Outlook add-in blank screen 3.png
  • This will open the DevTools pop-up window. Go to the Application tab, click Storage, check the including third-party cookies box, and then click Clear site data. DevTools.png
  • Close the DevTools window.
  • Then, you have two options: click right with your mouse in the add-in pane and select Refresh, or completely close the Outlook desktop application and reopen it.
  • You can now enter again your Company ID.

Mac users

Please follow the detailed instructions from this Microsoft article: Clear the Office cache on Mac

If the issue persists after you have cleared your cache, please contact the Inpart Support team at and inform them that you are experiencing issues with a blank screen.

The Inpart add-in is unavailable (grayed out or not visible)

The add-in can't be used, and hence the icon is grayed out or invisible, on the following occasions:

  • You haven't selected an email.
  • The email selected is a draft email.
  • You try to push a .msg or .eml file attached to another email.
  • You try to push a .msg or .eml file opened from your computer file system.
  • You try to push an email from a shared mailbox, an archives mailbox, or a public folder.
  • Outlook is in offline mode.
  • You're in the list view of the mailbox. You must display the reading pane. 
    For instructions on how to turn on the reading pane in Outlook, please read this Microsoft article: Use and configure the Reading Pane to preview messages.
    If you don't want to enable the reading pane, the add-in will only be available from the Message tab on the ribbon when an individual email is open.

You can find more information in this Microsoft article: Mailbox items available to add-ins.

If the above-mentioned explanations did not help you resolve the issue, you can reach out to our Support Team who would be happy to troubleshoot further!

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